21 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster!

Home Staging1. The Buyer’s first impression of your home’s exterior is very important. Ensure that the front door and entryway are clean and uncluttered; grass and garden trimmed; snow and ice removed from walkway and driveway; windows clean; garage door clean and in good repair.

2. Reseed the lawn, if necessary, and make sure the landscap- ing is in top shape.

3. Repaint the house, or any part of the house, that requires painting. Light and neutral shades make the rooms appear bigger and brighter.

4. Door mats should be replaced with new ones that are neutral and omit your family’s name.

5. Repair holes in screen doors and windows. Do the windows operate well, or do they need


6. Provide your real estate agent with a list of things you and your family
like about the house and the neighbourhood.

7. Make sure that the Buyer’s first impressions are good ones when
they step inside your home. Do you have adequate lighting? Are shoes, coats, children’s toys, etc. put away and out of sight?

8. Ensure that pets are under control at all times.

9. Clean or replace carpeting as necessary.

10. Appliances should be in good working order.

11. Replace washers in dripping faucets. Fix running toilets and leaky pipes.

12. Retouch or refinish cabinets that require sprucing up.

13. Store or dispose of unneeded furniture to enhance the appearance of principal rooms.

14. Remove clutter from shelves and countertops. Remove items from over crowded cupboards and closets to make them less cluttered. (Hint: Buyers will look in closets – they probably will not check under beds!)

15. Replace or remove special items in the home that a Buyer may want as part of the purchase price (i.e. dining room chandelier, wall unit, area rugs, etc.)

16. Tidy up garage and storage areas and dispose of unnecessary items.

17. Stay out of the way of prospective buyers when they come to view your home.

18. Be aware of other homes similar to yours being offered for sale. These are your competition

19. Be aware of recent sales of similar homes in your neighbourhood to help you and your agent establish a realistic asking price for your property.

20. Ask your real estate agent for a list of recommendations prepared specifically for you to
help market your home to its best advantage.

21. Before spending needless time and money on redecorating or renovating your home, consult with your realtor to determine which costs will give you the best return, and which others may have little or no affect on your home’s market value.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!!!

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